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What we offer

Dancamaze knows the importance of your wedding day and the grand responsibility it brings within; which is why, our professionals will make sure that your day is filled with high quality entertainment, dance and music. 

Dancamaze is your one stop shop for all things choreography related!

We teach dancers of all skill levels, and all ages, and our choreographies ranges from extremely simplistic to fully technical.


We offer a wide range of dance styles (Bollywood to a beautiful Ballroom piece) to choose from, and we can create something just for you to any song of your choosing! If need be, we can also suggest songs, and create the mixed track for you as well!

We understand the stress involved with the perfect wedding, and we would love to be one of the reasons you can relax and all your guests keep smiling!

How we work

The team at Dancamaze is available to travel anywhere across Mumbai and outside for rehearsals and the event itself, in order to provide you 100% entertainment for all your wedding festivities.

If you are planning a sangeet with your friends and family spread all over the world. Dont worry! We can plan online rehearsals to make sure everyone is part of the celebrations.

We can also send recorded tutorials to families that are unable to attend rehearsals so it's easier for them to learn in their own time.


We don't only create a beautiful set to any song of your choice but we'll suggest and take in all kinds of suggestions from you so that the outcome is exactly and more than what you imagined.

Dancamaze will take care of all your individual needs regarding your wedding choreography and provide solutions to meet each one of them, such as:

  • A wedding choreographer

  • Dance piece for adults, kids and the couple

  • Song list of your choice

  • Preferred dance style

  • Rehearsals at the location of your choice

  • Recorded tutorials for family & friends

  • Plan & schedule online rehearsals for online sangeets

Check out the Wedding
Sangeets done by Dancamaze!



Be it a Birthday Party or a Kitty Get-together; an Office Party or a Corporate event; a College workshop or School competition, you can always count on Dance to make anything entertaining.


Call on Dancamaze and our instructors will make your guests/employees/coworkers have an absolute ball!

We hold a special workshop at the event to songs everyone loves to dance to and make sure we get everyone

on theirfeet!

We can also provide these services online, so

people from all over the world can join in.

Give us a brief of what you would like at your event/party and we will do our best to exceed your expectations.

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