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Eshna is the founder and lead instructor at Dancamaze.


She has been a dancer from birth and as soon as she was 5, her mother enrolled her in Kathak where she excelled and built an incredible foundation in classical dance. By the age of 10, she joined the SDIPA (Shiamak Davar Institute for Performing Arts) and quickly rose through the ranks to the assistant level at the company!


She has trained extensively in Bollywood, Jazz, Contemporary, and Semi-Classical dance styles and has basic training in many other styles. These are the styles that she brings to her dance classes today where she teaches beginner students in a very easy to understand manner.


Apart from running Dancamaze, she has choreographed dances for theatre, music videos, ad films, and movies. She is also an avid YouTuber and has built Dancamaze from scratch all the way up to 100,000 subscribers and counting!


She is the heart and soul of Dancamaze, and the happiness of her students and clients is what drives her to reach for the stars!




Harsh is a financial professional on paper, a chef by trade, and a dancer by passion! He has not been formally trained in dance but has done numerous stage shows in Singapore, and the United States where he was born and raised.


He is super energetic and excels in Bollywood and Bhangra! He helps to choreograph these particular styles, and is also involved in teaching special classes, dance workshops, and helping with wedding sangeet choreographies. He also handles the finances and logistics of Dancamaze.


He is the goofball of our team and makes every meeting, rehearsal, class, and workshop an absolute laugh riot!


Pooja is a young, fiery, and energetic dancer who started at the age of 10. She began her journey by training in Bollywood dancing but her style of choice, and her calling, is undeniably Hip-Hop. She is a self-taught hip-hop dancer and has been constantly watching, learning, and dancing to take her craft to the next level.


She joined Dancamaze in 2023 as an assistant instructor and choreographer and is an integral part of the team. She is involved in choreographing dances, teaching students, as well as teaching families and friends for sangeets.


She is currently studying for a BMM and is following her passion for dance by working with us.


She is a joy to be around, and Dancamaze would not be the same without her!


A trained Dancer from Delhi and a known name in the television industry. She has been a part of many television shows.


She is a trained classical dancer and comes from a family of artists. She has been trained in Odissi for 14 years under Guru, Padmashree Shrimati Madhavi Mudgal; in Kathak (Pt. Birju Maharaj style), and  Bharatnatyam. Apart from being highly experienced in classical dance, she is trained in western classical ballet from Danceworxx.

She is continuing her passion of acting and though her busy schedule doesn't allow too much time for dance, she tries to get back to the dance floor whenever she can.

She is the biggest supporter of Dancamaze, and we wouldn't be here without her!

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