Having trained since they were five years old, Eshna and Priyamvada are both extremely technical and talented dancers. But having been away from dance for a few years because of their flourishing careers in production and acting, respectively, they began looking for classes to get back in the groove.


After relentlessly searching and failing to find a good class suitable for them, they decided it was time to start teaching, themselves, and encouraging more people to dance.

And so, Dancamaze was conceptualised in 2013 as an alternate career, and it began purely out of passion, dedication, and the will to bring dance

to the masses.​



Today, Dancamaze is a full fledged dance institution. Eshna quit her career in film production in 2015 to focus all of her energy on building up the company into a brand that is synonymous with dance, taste, and quality.


Dancamaze recently launched its flagship studio in Andheri Lokhandwala, where different activities such as stand-up comedy shows, Zumba, yoga, and rehearsals regularly take place, alongside its own classes.

Dancamaze has also expanded into hosting workshops for corporate events, birthday parties, and underprivileged children through NGOs.


It has also choreographed work for film and television, and is now one of the top names in wedding choreographies in the city.

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